Best Simple Arabic-English Dictionaries

There many Ar-Eng dictionaries, in this article, I have chosen simple ones supporting the morpghological aspect of Arabic, and depending on the platform and the online/offline availability.


  • Offline versions : Windows (trial version but crackable) | Android (free)


ArTools :


  • Prefix and suffix morphology.
  • Shows POS information
  • Over 80000 stems in dictionary.
  • Especially suited for translating arabic news sources or for Arabic language learners.
  • Crossplatform.


4 in 1 : A simple dictionary for Arabic learners with conjugation, pronunciation and keyboard

This was a simple dictionary that includes a powerful engine of conjugation. The diacritic vowels are of course inserted, giving you a short definition and some synonyms. You have also some integrated input models if you don’t have an Arabic keyboard, using transliteration or virtual keyboard on the website. You can also listen to a robotic pronunciation.

Link : http//



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