[Tutorial] Open multi-instance Paltalk on Phone 2017 | فتح أكثر من اسم على البالتوك

For Islamic Room’s Support | Open multi-instance Paltalk on Phone

Used Application :
– App cloner (apk)
– Paltalk (apk)

After the Express script to run an infinity of nicks, they have decided to stop paltalk express. I had to figure a solution as a member of the Islamic rooms support team, I have tried many solutions, I have come to three ways using Paltalk phone :

  • Multi ordinaire emulators (efficiente but heavy in ressources)
  • Running Paltalk App on chrome using ARC Welder (good results but in my side, it bugs when audio is played in the room, we need to disable the audio module)
  • Multi cloned instance in 1 well resourced emulator (very good results)


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